Some cool and creative seating ideas for your gazebo

You eagerly look forward to spending leisure time with your family and friends in your gazebo during lazy summer afternoons or evenings as the long and harsh winter nears its end. Regardless of whether you plan to throw a late evening cocktail party or wish to enjoy a laidback brunch on a Sunday afternoon, the seating arrangement in your alfresco pavilion will make a huge difference to your pleasure. Improperly arranged chairs and tables and other furniture pieces as well as low-quality furnishings may come in the way of you and your guests lapping up a conversation, and obstruct movement, tarnishing your reputation as a host.

Irrespective of whether you have a small or big porch, you’ll always find numerous seating alternatives ideal for your pergola that not only suits your taste but your budget as well. You can go through the following seating ideas for your garden and make out for yourself the ones that will be apt for your outdoor space.

  1. Harmonize with Mother Nature

You bet nothing can beat a seating arrangement that allows your family and guests to be seated together in the lap of nature. If you have a garden in your backyard or the front of the house, you can make the most of outdoors by creating a sitting area that has a bucolic look to it. You can use environmental friendly materials like teakwood or other hardwoods for crafting the benches, bamboo, and thatch for the walls and ceiling.

Such a structure will enable a big group to sit jointly in a relaxed manner and if you want everybody to carry on with their merriment late into the evening, consider installing storm lanterns on the thatched roof.

  1. Make the outdoor pad more accessible by erecting walls all around

If your open-air pad is terraced, you can put the stepped or raised platform to good use by erecting elevated walls around the boundary of the porch. Thereafter, you can have foldable seats or benches built into the walls that serve as flexible seating modes. Use hardwood or stone for building seats that stay functional for decades.

Since these seats are floating, you can take advantage of the space beneath the benches by planting perennials or ferns that will add to the natural appeal of the area.

  1. Put the corner of your patio to use

You can capitalize on the nooks or corners of the porch for imparting a semblance of spaciousness to the furniture and fixtures. When you install the seats, see to it that there is sufficient depth to ensure that your guests will be able to settle down without having to struggle for space. Plant pots of aromatic herbs and annuals that will fill the area with natural fragrance when these grow up.

  1. Lend an isolated and sheltered feel to your gazebo by elevating the roof

You’d surely want your outdoor parties and get-togethers to be private affairs out-and-out. To lend a touch of privacy to your porch and to prevent nosy neighbors from peeking at you or your guests, see that the roofing is elevated as well as completely envelopes the seating area.


Besides the above, there are numerous other seating ideas that you can take advantage of without having to spend a ton. Consult an architect or a home designer for some practical ideas on having a convenient seating space in your porch.