Reliable Insulation Contractors in Vancouver

Properly insulating your house or building can help to protect it from fire accidents, keep it from excessive heating or cooling, reduce excessive noise and significantly reduce your overall energy costs. The best thing is that you can actually find various companies that are known to offer reliable insulation, fire-stopping and other related services. The experts at these companies always strive to not only exceed industry standards but also provide eco-friendly insulation solutions.

Reliable Insulation Contractors in Vancouver

If you are in Vancouver and are in need of either insulation or firestopping services, you will find reputable insulation companies that are well-known for providing top quality, budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly solutions. These companies usually provide unmatched solutions for commercial, institutional, industrial, and multi-unit residential projects. Whether you are looking out for the most qualified intumescent paint contractors, or insulation contractors in Vancouver, these companies have you covered. They normally offer:

1. Fireproofing Services

These experts are renowned for specializing in spray fireproofing for columns and joists, roof and floor assemblies as well as steel beams in both commercial and industrial environments. They normally use advanced fire protection systems and quality construction products which enable them to achieve superior installations that meet and even exceed the industry standards and requirements. Some of the main fireproofing types they offer include:
a) Mineral fibre spray fireproofing
b) Intumescent spray/coatings
c) Wet mix plaster
d) Medium density, and high resistance fireproofing
e) Exterior grade fireproofing

  1. Spray Foam Insulation

The insulation contractors in Vancouver also specialize in installing spray foam insulation for residential and commercial establishments. This is an eco-friendly insulation solution that uses less energy compared to fiberglass, especially during manufacturing. It is also known to reduce energy consumption, as well as promote environmental responsibility. The insulation may be used on old structures and it is widely used in retrofit applications. Besides being a great insulation option, it is also known to be a great air and vapor barrier.

3. Thermal Insulation

This is a glass fibre-based insulation product that is used in a range of industrial, institutional, commercial as well as multi-unit residential products. The material is normally composed of the white, inorganic and non-combustible glass fibres as well as a water-based non-hazardous synthetic emulsion adhesive. All these are normally combined at the jobsite during application. It is a very versatile and reliable insulation product that is designed to meet stringent demands of most architects and contractors.

4. Acoustic Application

When used in a building, spray-applied acoustic applications can help to absorb sound rather than reflecting it, hence reducing the reverberation time and ultimately making music, speech, and announcements more intelligible. The option will helps in reducing excessive noise and improving the ambient sound quality.

Other great solutions that are offered by the insulation companies include fire-stopping and sealing for different electrical applications, as well as concrete lifting and void foam. The best thing about these contractors is that they always endeavor to adhere to very high standards of safety as well as professionalism whenever they are installing, removing, or repairing the insulation or firestopping systems. Whether you need reliable intumescent paint contractors, or are searching for qualified insulation contractors in Vancouver to help you handle your insulation project, these companies can help.