Contemporary Vanity Ideas for Your Bathroom

When you bought your abode a decade back, you chose a retro-styled ambience for the bathroom while supervising the home’s interior designing and decoration. Initially, you admired the old-world and laidback look of your bathroom but with passage of time, you have grown weary of gawking at the same old cabinets, sink and vanity mirror. So, it’s high time you went for a bathroom makeover by opting for a trendy contemporary vanity that’d impart a fresh and new look to the spaces.

You could start shopping for contemporary vanities, picking and choosing by ‘type’, ‘color’, ‘style’, and ‘features’.

Selecting contemporary vanities by type

It’d not be out of place to mention that bathrooms in the majority of homes tend to be small since real estate or living space is available at a premium nowadays. So, if your bathroom happens to be smaller compared to your kitchen or study, do not be under the impression that finding a vanity that would fit in the confined space and also sync with the décor, would be difficult. In fact the limited space in the bath may automatically shift the focus to the vanity and it might become the centerpiece, depending on what you choose.

Your first concern would be selecting the type that’d be suitable for the bathroom area. The bathroom’s size will determine whether you should opt for a single or double sink vanity, standard or floating bath vanity, or corner bath vanity. Alternatively, you can stack up a vanity one piece at a time that offers you good leeway on selecting the layout and style that corresponds with the current look of your bathroom.

Selecting the color of the contemporary vanity

When it comes to selecting the color of the contemporary vanity, you again have several alternatives to make your selection. However, bear in mind that very bright and flashy hues might make the spaces appear gaudy and loud. So, you’d be better off choosing colors that’d seamlessly gel with the surroundings without imparting the interiors a kitschy look. You’ll never go wrong when you choose a vanity with a whitish, creamy, grayish or light brown shade.

You’ll be able to check out almost endless kinds of shades in the aforementioned colors.

 Choosing by style

As far as choosing the style or design of the contemporary vanity is concerned, it is matter of individual preference. No specific style would sync in perfectly with all bathroom decors since each and every style has its own unique appeal and charm. You can decide on traditional/classic, transitional, antique/vintage, modern, pastoral, and cottage styles.

Selecting a contemporary vanity by features

To say the last but not the least, you can pick up a contemporary vanity for your bath according to the features it comes with. For instance, you can settle for a vanity cabinet that features doors which close mildly via hinges that have gentle closing procedure. Or you can go for a cabinet that has drawers that can be pulled up and closed softly so that the contents remain in place.


So you see, you get sufficient freedom in selecting a preferred contemporary vanity ticking off by categories of type, style, color, and features.