Bose Loudspeaker Stands: Overview of the Bose UFS-20 Common Floor Appears

A large amount of people observe mounting speakers about the wall as a significant hassle to allow them to have to complete by on their own. Also, the wall space are destroyed along the way because you need to drill holes inside it to fir the actual screws where you’ll be hanging the actual speakers. The perfect means to fix end this issue is to apply something that may hold speakers inside a secure placement, and Bose loudspeaker stands would be the exact products that may provide a person this function for top value. Among their greatest models may be the Bose UFS-20 Common Floor Appears. These appears are ideal anywhere a person put all of them. They might be as simple because they seem, but they’re definitely worth it. Here is definitely an in-depth overview of this gadget.

General Explanation

Bose loudspeaker stands are extremely few, and this particular model is unique. It’s the only real speaker stand how the company developed because of its product collection, and additional speaker docks tend to be either walls mounted or even short tall. If you need to keep your own speakers continuously secured inside a remote region, like the actual corner of the room or near the door, but you do not want in order to mount it about the wall simply because drilling openings isn’t something for you to do, then you certainly need to get this set of stands. Their precise purpose would be to hold the actual speakers constant and securely in position while providing the listeners the very best listening elevation, which is actually 38”, exactly the same height from the speaker appears.


The appears are perfectly made to hold light-weight speakers, precisely what Bose loudspeakers are. The bottom of the actual stands tend to be wide enough to maintain the gadget standing completely still as well as straight, but they possess a small impact that barely takes space in your living space floor. The design from the stands can also be made to cover the wires from the speakers to lessen clutter or get rid of the unsightliness associated with hanging wires all over the house. The steel shafts from the stands possess a hole within where a person hide the actual wire within, also safeguarding them through pests, harm, and weathering to maintain the loudspeakers fully practical.

The stands are constructed with metal plus they come within three various colors which you’ll choose from with respect to the product you’ll use this with — black, whitened, and grey. Although the actual gray color is extremely nice and also the white color can also be unique as well as stylish, the black the first is most preferable due to the universality as well as any speakers can fit on the black remain, even the ones that aren’t Bose. The darkish color additionally reduces age the gadget and causes it to be look great even below constant misuse and enduring. Black additionally fits in most home décor as well as household style.


These loudspeaker stands are suitable for all Bose Way of life systems, Acoustimass loudspeaker systems, and CineMate digital home entertainment speaker program, so you’ve got a lot of selections for these appears. But you might also need the range of getting additional brands associated with speaker techniques, or utilizing these means other manufacturers of loudspeakers, since they’re universal and they may be utilized utilizing any comparable product.


Bose loudspeaker stands tend to be rare, and the actual Bose UFS-20 Common Floor Stands has become the only model that you could get in the brand. Nonetheless, these stands can offer all you need, and it’s durable as well as functional make is certainly worth the cost. So if you do not want to hold your speakers about the wall or you need to keep their own wires nicely hidden, these appears are what I suggest you to obtain.